Birding Tours in and around Suchitoto City, Parks, Hotels, and surrounding areas (various options).

This is a hiking/walking tour which will start at your hotel. It can fill a day or be broken up into 2 sections each lasting from 2-4 hours.

We recommend starting around 6:00 am Lake tours by boat, to the Bird Island as well as other known birding hot spots on the lake average from 2-4 hours. Exact cost will depend on our final time on the lake and the cost paid to local boatmen. This tour is best done in the early am hours of the day. Lake and river tours by car. Option 1 Agua Caliente – Quesalapa River 2-4 hours car and foot Option 2 Colima Natural Reserve (with local guide) 2-4 hours car and foot Option 3 El Sitio Cenicero (with Local Guide) 2-4 hours car and foot Option 4 Agua Caliente - Quesalapa river – Cinquera (with Local Guide) 4-6 hours car and foot Option 5 Cinquera town and eco forest 4-6 hours car and foot Option 6 Guazapa North Side low and high lands (with local guide) 4-6 hours car and foot Option 7 Guazapa South Side low lands 2-4 hours car and foot

Included in this tour:

• Transportation in vehicle with A/C, ocational use of local trucks

• Bottled water(1-2 bottles/person)

• All Entrance fees

• Local guide fees

• Bilingual guide

Tour Duration of Tour including transportation: 2-8 hours

Difficulty level of Tour: Moderate

Not Include

• Snacks and Meals

• Lodging

• Optional Tips to local guides

• Cost of optional activities including: Mountain bike, Jet ski, Buggy, Zip line/Canopy, Kayak, Rafting or other activities not mentioned in tour description

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