Organic Indigo Farm and Dyeing Tour

 Hacienda Los Nacimientos-Organic Indigo Farm and Dyeing tour

We can only offer this tour with 2 weeks notice as the coordination with the Hacienda does take time to offer the quality tour we provide. This tour can be done from Suchitoto (easiest) or from San Salvador nd other parts of El Salvador (additional cost for transportation).

Photo Gallery Los Nacimientos-Indigo

The tour on the farm lasts from 2-4 hours and can include coffee and pastries, pupusas or a full typical lunch of Grilled Chicken and Chicken soup. Departing from Suchitoto we would pick you up at your hotel at 8:00 am driving around 35 minutes to the remote and rural Hacienda Los Nacimientos.

Upon arriving at the hacienda we will hear a little of the history of the hacienda as well as learn about the different organic crops and products they produce, this while our pupusas and coffee are being prepared. After our intrudcution we will enjoy our light breakfast, getting to know our guides a little better After breakfast we will be lead on a tour of the farm seeing how the indigo as well as some other crops are produced organically. For small groups the tour would be led by the farm manager and our guide, for larger groups either the owner or farm agronimist would be our principal guide. We will end at the indigo extraction plant (Obraje in Spanish) to learn about how the dye is extracted and processed. The extraction process runs from late May through early October and is dependentthe rains and local climate, during this period it would be common for us to see the hacienda workers operating different parts of the Obraje. During the off season we would hear about the processes and see photos of how the Indigo (the blue gold) is extracted from the Xiquilite plant. Then after a short walk back to the old hacienda house we will see how the dye is used as we get see first-hand how fabrics are dyed. For smaller groups each participant be able to design and dye a simple cotton scarf. For groups of 6 or more we will raffle off 2-3 scarfs and then watch as some of the group deswigns and deys their scarfs.

This tour can vary and much will depend on your time and the time we arrive at the hacienda. For groups departinmg after breakfast we would skip breakfast and en the tour with pastries and a natural beverage. For an additional fee we extend this tour to include birding on the hacienda and end with a tradicional range hen soup and grilled chicken. This last option is only available for groups of 8 or more participants.

Included in this tour:

• Transportation from Suchitoto in vehicle with A/C

• Bottled water(1bottle/person)

• All Entrance fees

• Local guide fees

• Bilingual guide

• Pupusas breakfast and coffee or Natural beverage and pastries

Tour Duration of Tour including transportation: 3-5, hours including drive time from Suchitoto

Difficulty level of Tour: East

Not Include

• Lodging

• Optional Tips to local guides

• Cost of optional activities including: Mountain bike, Jet ski, Buggy, Zip line/Canopy, Kayak, Rafting or other activities not mentioned in tour description


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