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Guide Training and certification

Robert “El Gringo, received his first tour guide certification in the second group of guides trained by Corsatur/MiTur in 2008, this shortly after El Salvador’s Ministry of Tourism (MiTur) was formed in 2005. As you can imagen, we are considered by many, pioneers in tourism in El Salvador where we have been active promoting Suchitoto and El Salvador since early 2003, long before we knew or even imagined that we would be working in the industry.

Since our company opened in 2007 we continue to consider ourselves new to the industry and we are constantly learning and implementing new ideas in an effort to improve on what we offer to those visiting El Salvador.

We strive to provide the best possible tours and services, and we truly believe what we offer to be among the best in El Salvador. 

We are always in training

Robert's first Guide Certification

Protocol for receiving passengers arriving on Cruise ships

Course on Accessible Tourism-Robert

Course on Accessible Tourism-Tita

Course on Inbound Tourism

New Guide Certification and Carnets were extended in 2021