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Our most popular tour in Suchitoto!

If you have been in El Salvador for more than a day you most likely have tried the national dish, Pupusas. Now learn how they are made, most of the ingredients can be found around the world so if you want to make your own pupusas when you get home, don’t miss this hands-on experience. You will also have the chance to make tortillas, somewhat easier than making pupusas but still a challenge for the novice.

Video made by Couchsurfing Friends.

One of our clients sent photos of the pupusas she made with family and friends back in Australia.

It always makes us happy to hear that those who have taken Tita´s pupusa classes make them on their own!

Reservations for groups of six can be arranged, remember we don’t just show you how to make pupusas but we let you prepare your own with the ingredients that you want. Our pupusas classes lets you prepare up to 3 gourmet or standard pupusas of rice or corn dough, included in the price, a beverage.

Typical available beverage options commonly include national beer, our homebrewed Jamiaca Kombucha, canned sodas, bottled water, gourmet coffee, tea or one of our famous fruit smoothies. If you like good rum let me know…we sometimes loose money when asked.  Rates: We charge $20/person which includes your 3 gourmet pupusas and one beverage. There is a minimun group size of two, but if you are a solo traveler, drop us a message, we might have another group or person interested. Time