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Tours Pricing and Payment Methods

Local Tours in and around Suchitoto

If you need a reciept please add  13% IVA to all  tour prices. Si necesita comprobante de credito fiscal o factura agregue 13% de IVA a los costos de los tours o servicios.

  • Suchitoto Pupusa Making Classes – $20/person with a two person minimum and a maximum of 4 (only available weekdays in the late afternno)
  • Half and full day cooking classes – $125/person no minimun and maximun of 4
  • Suchitoto City walking tour – $25/person with three person minimum group size
  • Premium Suchitoto City Walking Tour with Roberto El Gringo $150.00, 1 to 3 persons, $50/person for larger groups
  • Boat tour on Lake Suchitlan – $50/person minimum group of 3, $40/person for groups over 5
  • Indigo Dying in Suchitoto with women’s association $25-$35/person maximum group of 6
  • Hacienda and Indigo Dying tour ½ day from $55/person with cotton scarf, minimum of 3 required reservations with anticipation are required.
  • Cihuatan Rum tasting tour-$60/person minimum of 5 maximum of 15 -Reservations with advanced notice are required-Now available Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am until noon.
  • Birding on Lake Suchitlan – $50/person, minimum of 3
  • Full day tour in Suchitoto (Boat tour, City Tour and Los Tercios) $55/person minimum group of 3
  • Cinquera Civil war Tour (Hike, Iguana farm, Museum and town) $55/person minimum group of 3
  • Cinquera city tour, Ilobasco and San Sebastian $200 for 1, $250 for 2 and $300 for 3
  • Cihuatan-La Palma $200 for 1, $250 for 2 and $300 for 3

If you need a reciept please add  13% IVA to all  tour prices. Si necesita comprobante de credito fiscal o factura agregue 13% de IVA a los costos de los tours o servicios.

Full Day and in route tours around El Salvador

The majority of our full day tours have fixed prices; these are $200 for 1, $250 for 2 and $300 for 3

For groups or four or more, prices  will vary from $90-$125/person.

  • San Salvador city tour
  • Ruta de Flores
  • Mayan sites
  • Volcanos and Lake Coatepeque
  • Mix and Match Combos 1 and 2
  • Birding
  • Handicrafts
  • Civil war and nature history tours

Tours can be started and finished in most parts of El Salvador. We even offer enroute tours from Copan Ruins in Honduras and some common places in Guatemala, like Lake Atitlan and Antigua.

Deposits and Payments

Cash, Zelle and PayPal

US Dollars-Cash

We now accept various forms of payment both for pre-trip deposits as well as final payment. We have always preferred cash payments and in the past have asked that clients pay 50% upon arrival and the remainder on the last day of services.


Now after years in business and frequently booking multiday to month long tours that being able to receive deposits and non-cash payments is needed.


Today we can easily accept payments and deposits from our US based clients using the common app Zelle which is quick easy, requires no banking information and free for both sender and receiver.


We also commonly use PayPal where we are able to formally send an invoice with all trip/tour details. We do try not to bill too much using PayPal as our business accounts pays high fees, but we always try to work out what’s best for each client.

PayPal Logo

Bitcoin, Etherum and digital wallets

Since El Salvador voted into law the use of Bitcoin as legal tender all those doing business here are required to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. We now commonly accept Bitcoin with the governments Chivo wallet but also use Strike as well as a Coinbase wallet, not only accepting Bitcoin but opening the door for other common cyber currencies. We even use them to pay some of our guides and drivers or receive commissions from hotels and those providing other services for us.

Please drop us an email to [email protected]  or use our Contact Form so we can help you plan and cost out your trip to El Salvador.