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Tours and Pricing

Local Tours in and around Suchitoto

  • Suchitoto Pupusa Making Classes – $20/person with a two person minimum and a maximum of 4
  • Half and full day cooking classes – $125/person no minimun and maximun of 4
  • Suchitoto City walking tour – $25/person with three person minimum group size
  • Premium Suchitoto City Walking Tour with Roberto El Gringo $150.00, 1 to 3 persons, $50/person for larger groups
  • Boat tour on Lake Suchitlan – $50/person minimum group of 3, $35/person for groups over 5
  • Indigo Dying in Suchitoto with women’s association $20-$35/person maximum group of 6
  • Hacienda and Indigo Dying tour ½ day from $55/person with cotton scarf, minimum of 3 required
  • Cihuatan Rum tasting tour-$50/person minimum of 5 maximum of 10
  • Birding on Lake Suchitlan – $50/person, minimum of 3
  • Full day tour in Suchitoto (Boat tour, City Tour and Los Tercios) $55/person minimum group of 3
  • Cinquera Civil war Tour (Hike, Iguana farm, Museum and town) $55/person minimum group of 3
  • Cinquera city tour, Ilobasco and San Sebastian $175 for 1, $250 for 2 and $300 for 3
  • Cihuatan-La Palma $175 for 1, $250 for 2 and $300 for 3

Full Day and in route tours around El Salvador

The majority of our full day tours have fixed prices; these are $175 for 1, $250 for 2 and $300 for 3

For larger groups prices  will average from $90-$110/person.

  • San Salvador city tour
  • Ruta de Flores
  • Mayan sites
  • Volcanos and Lake Coatepeque
  • Mix and Match Combos 1 and 2
  • Birding
  • Handicrafts
  • Civil war and nature history tours

Please drop us an email to [email protected]  or use our Contact Form so we can help you plan and cost out your trip to El Salvador.

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