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Hotel and Lodging Links for El Salvador

San Salvador Hotels

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Ruta de Flores

Hotels in Juayua

Hotels near Juayua-Apaneca-Ataco (Located on Hwy)

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Other Surf Beach Hotels on West Coast

East Coast Beach Hotels

Playa Las Flores

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Hotels we know and recommend

Lodging in El Salvador

Santa Ana

Casa Verde This is where I stay when in Santa Ana

Villa Napoli 

Concepcion de Ataco

Casa DeGraciela Very nice boutique hotel right on the main plaza of Ataco.  Regular doubles start around $100/night, great breakfast and staff

Fleur de lis Another nice option in Ataco and although I have not had any past clients stay here the rooms are very nice. Sorry no idea of current prices but I think in the range of $110/night

Casa 1800 Ataco is also very nice, up on a hill with views over coffee fields. Clean and contemporary look and feel with nice views over coffee plantations. 

Hotel Vista al Cielo (no website just Facebook and booking engines) is new and only has two room types, each type with one room with a nice view overlooking Ataco. I prefer the Hotel rooms and not the Cabin rooms. Both bill out at $75/double/night

Los Portones de Ataco the owner is a friend, simple and inexpensive with singles running $45 and doubles at $60 (This is where I stay when in Ataco, the included breakfast is decent and coffee excellent

El Carmen Estate Outside of town is a 10 minute walk hotel located in the old estate home of one of the prominent coffee producing families. I would have to check but I believe rooms here start around $78/night

AirBnb´s in Ataco

Casa Pino, Tu Casa en Ataco, Apartment 2   I have has a couple of clients stay here in 2022 and all have loved it, for your family this might be a good fit for Ataco

Between Ataco and Apaneca (not in a city)

Jardin de Celeste One of the best restaurants in the área.


Hotel Anahuac This small hotel is owned and run by an old friend, this is where I have been staying since starting my company in 2007. I have had several clients stay here and all have been happy. Rates are only $25/single and $35/double rooms with private bath but do not include breakfast which is offered from $4-$5. They have one larger room with a queen and single bed ,which I enjoy although the price is slightly higher at $35/night, Otherwise I usually reserve rooms 1 and or 2

Hotel Juayua is a few blocks from the center of town, which some past clients on their own found difficult. It is rustic but offers a view of 7 volcanoes from the patio/gardens. I believe rooms here run about $50/night. I no longer see a website and only see the listing on booking engines and Facebook.


Cerró Verde

Campo Bello 

Caldera of Lake Coatepeque

Los Pinos Visto al Lago


Hotel El Tejado (website not active but can be found on Facebook and booking engines) Garden view single (one large bed) $75, Double (two large beds) $85 Lake View(two large beds) $100 add $15 for extra bed or person including taxes and full breakfast. Best pool, great views and staff, decent included breakfast. Prices include all taxes and a full breakfast

Hotel La Posada de Suchitlan   Doubles in el meson $85 Villas $101.50 includes all taxes and full breakfast. The views from the villas are incredible, nice gardens, great staff and good breakfast. Prices include all taxes and a full breakfast

Hotel Los Almendros de San Lorenzo Doubles $110, Suite $141, apartment suite $175 (sleeps 4) includes all taxes and full breakfast. This is the nicest hotel in Suchitoto and has set the standard for other small boutique hotels around the country. Prices include all taxes and a full breakfast. Double check prices as they were reduced as El Salvador reopened for tourism back in 2020. 

Casa 1800 no web site just booking engines and Facebook, this is another newer lodging option, They started about 2 years ago with only 3 rooms which all shared one bathroom, which most find limiting. Just before we went into quarantine they inaugurated around 10 new rooms. They only are on booking engines and prices in my opinion are higher than the other nicer hotels in Suchitoto. One big drawback  in my opinion is that the rooms have no real windows, another is that on Sundays the restaurant gets overcrowded. 

Casa Hotel Santa Lucia and Hotel Jardin de Las Marias (Facebook and booking engines only)   Singles (one large bed) run $55 and Doubles (two large beds) $75 and triples (three large beds) $85. Both are some of Suchitoto´s newest hotels. The Casa Santa Lucia is right on the plaza  and Jardin de Las Marias is about 3 blocks away but offers nice gardens, a view and a swimming pool. Casa Santa Lucia does not have large gardens, swimming pool or views but I would consider both hotels the best bang for your buck, as the rooms are nice as the rooms in the old colonial style home, which was recently restored by a bank then transformed into the hotel by the owners. Prices do include all taxes and a full breakfast.

Guazapa Cafe Petit Hotel This small 4 room hotel is located about 1 mile from Suchitoto on the highway that comes from San Salvador. Well decorated, equipped, and gardens that make you feel like you are not near any city. Regular doubles run $45/night including all taxes and full breakfast. Larger rooms with two queen beds run $89. If the walk is too long the hotel can call tuk tuk/taxis to run you into town or bring you back to the hotel. 

Hotel Alta Vista singles $39, doubles $49, triples $60 and quadruples $79. Hotel AltaVista is close to the Plaza and is a decent option; limitations include no gardens, no pool and no restaurant or included breakfast. The rooftop terrace is a plus.  

Casa de La Abuela-Petit Hotel, this place is right on the plaza and offers decent rooms, a nice patio and the convenience of being centrally located. I am not sure of the rates but believe they run from around $45-$65/night. I do not see pricing on their website but they can be found easily on booking engines. The only room I cannot recommend is one listed as the Attic, which has very low ceilings and an exterior bathroom. This hotel is still closed with no date set for reopening to the public..

El Mayan Grouper mini hotel, has three nice rooms two of which have spectacular lake views. Rooms run from $45-$60 including taxes but not breakfast. Breakfast is served, but costs an additional $5.

Casa Flamenco, brand new in 2020 (pre-Covid) with no reviews yet, this place has been opened by a young gay Salvadorian couple and looks pretty nice, the food looks really good! I have just met the owners and have yet to see more than photos of the hotel. Since opening, this is one of my family’s favorite restaurants and their coffee and desserts are the best in Suchitoto! Here is a link to their Facebook page and you can find them on Airbnb and booking engines 

Hostal Raíces de mi Pueblo small family run hostel, lots of Wood and a family feel, many rooms now offer AC and private bathrooms. Prices start around $25/night 

Hostal Koltin only Facebook and booking engines. This small family run hostel opened a couple of years ago and little by little has become quite popular. Simple rooms start under $20 and rooms with private bathrooms and AC up to around $45

AirBnB´s in Suchitoto

Barranca Flower complete house, great views only drawback is it is down a very steep hill and most normal vehicles can’t make it back up.

Spanish Colonial House @ Mama Chelitos, this full  house is right behind my house and is large and has nice gardens at $140/night plus a $40 cleaning fee and $45 Airbnb service fee  this might be an option

Family Room, Hostal La Moneda, Suchitoto this newer restoration ¿of an old colonial home has one family style room which has 3 big beds and a small Cars futon type bed for little kids at $120  and  $90/night for reservations of two or more nights this may be a good option for Suchitoto.

San Salvador

Villa del Angel Hotel close to one of our malls with plenty of options for food close by. Modern with clean lines

Hotel Posada del Angel residential Street in the nicer part of the city some decent eating options very close. A small family run business.

Cumbres del Volcan This is a small B&B that converted to attract the backpacker group, but still offers nice and not too expensive private rooms. Staff speaks English

Casa Nico Urban is nice boutique hotel but pricy. It used to be operated as the Casa ILB where several past clients stayed and raved about it, prices today seem much higher.

There are also several decent hotels that all started after the civil war and used to cater to solidarity groups, international election supervisors and those coming for the commemoration activities in March for Monsignor Romero. The vast majority are in a neighborhood close to the National University which would be considered by local’s middle class. Most have rooms that range from $30-$50. Of these the ones I have recommended and used personally are, Hotel Oasis, International Guest House, Torogoz, Tazumal Guest House. The charm of these is that they are all family run.

There are also several mid-range business class hotels close to the main mall Metro Centro, the majority are on one block of Calle Sisimiles, these include Hotel Happy House, Grecia Hotel, Good Luck Hotel and Hotel Sisimiles. All of these are well priced and of similar quality.

If looking for International Hotels or wanting to use your miles/points we do have the majority, Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Barceló and others 

Lodging West Coast/La Libertad Beaches (El Tunco-Sunzal, San Blas)

Roca Sunzal  An old standard, large, nice hotel with various room options and right at the end of El Tunco/Sunzal Beach, can be crowded on weekends and major holidays. Recommend the King Sea View around $150/night

Hotel Casa De Mar Is very nice with rooms and small villas- It is a bit of a walk to get to El Tunco beach where other restaurants and shops can be found, but most have really enjoyed themselves.

Acantilados a very nice almost mini resort built on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. No real beach but most of the beaches are better for surfing than sunbathing and swimming. In addition, this place is a bit isolated from the more popular beach areas.

Hotel Los Farallones  same location and a bit isolated and with no real beach this nice hotel sits on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. My favorite rooms overlook the ocean and have a small private terrace and Jacuzzi. Last time I was there the restaurant had good but pricey Peruvian food

San Blas– A bit closer to the airport offers a couple of options:

Mandala Eco Resort I don’t know this place personally but have heard it’s nice and very eco-friendly. River and beachfront property but rooms look hidden in forest areas.

Sabas Beach Resort– No web site but easily found on booking engines and Facebook, this is not a luxury hotel but over the years, we have had several clients stay here and all have enjoyed this smaller hotel. They have a beachfront property and a decent pool. Rooms average around $100/night

Moving west and further from the airport by about 10 minutes, you have the El Zonte Beach where there are several options and not as touristy as the El Tunco-Sunzal beaches. 

Three, 3 million dollar investments were made in 2018, they are all very nice but my favorite is:

Palo Verde we have had several of our clients stay here since they opened and all have raved!

Puro Surf is really aimed for surfers, that said I had a masters surfer from San Diego who was not impressed although his wife enjoyed the stay he was looking for a bit more personalized service, especially at the cost. 

B Boutique This is by far the most exclusive place on the west coast but again like many, it is set overlooking the ocean with no real beach all rooms literally hang over the ocean with large floor to ceiling windows. This hotel is located about halfway between El Zonte and El Sunzal beaches.