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Birding Six Night/Seven Days in El Salvador

Standard Itinerary

Day 1 Transportation and or birding in route to Suchitoto. San Salvador Boqueron, Bicentenial park, Santa Anita or orientation to Suchitoto walking tour

  • Lodge Suchitoto

Day 2 Full day birding tour in and around Suchitoto(Boat, hidden hot spots, Agua Caliente, Quesalapa river)

  • Lodge Suchitoto

Day 3 Full day tour to Cihuatan Mayan ball court with briding, then to Joya de Ceren Mayan site for history and birds.

  • Lodge Suchitoto

Day 4 Full day Birding at the Cerro Verde Volcano park, then visit the San Blas area after lunch.

  • Lodge Ataco or Juayua

Day 5 Full day tour to the Imposible park, then afternoon birding in Mangroves of the Barra de Santiago, or half day enjoy the Flower route towns and afternoon birding in Mangroves.

  • Lodge La Libertad Beaches

Day 6 Birding at the Walter Denigier Park then afternoon in San Salvador( botanical gardens, Boqueron park or El Espino)

  • Lodge San Salvador

Day 7-Airport Transfer


Prices starting at $1500 for all tours and transfers and $2100 including hotels, taxes and breakfasts. Two person rates starting at $1800 and $2400 including hotels, taxes and breakfasts.