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Kayak and Birding on Lake Suchitlan

New tours with our local partners

Gringo Tours is proud to present another of our new tours offered by our partners in Suchitoto. 

Photos of kayak birding tour on lake Suchitlan (Thanks to our partners at Suchitoto Adventure Outfitters)

As pioneers in tourism in El Salvador Gringo Tours has always recommended local partners who like us provide high quality tours, this when they are tours we don’t offer or when our guides are booked. Over the years, some of our local partners have developed very specialized and unique tours that only they offer. Now we work together to promote them though our company Gringo Tours where you can book with us these new tours. Working in alliance with our local partners, Gringo Tours can make your arrangements for several other tour options while in Suchitoto as well as other parts of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and independently of whether you book directly or with us, the prices always remains the same.


Kayak and birding tour on the Cerron Grande Reservoir. This tour starts at 5:30 am and gets you back to Suchitoto by around 9:20 am. One of our bilingual guides will pick you up at your hotel, hostel or Airbnb at 5:30 am. We generally start the tour in the community of Agua Caliente but due to Mother Nature and floating water hyacinths we sometimes are forced to start at the Port of San Juan just a few minutes from Suchitoto. Either option provides wonderful areas to explore and see many of the birds that nests and breed on and around the reservoir. This tour costs $45/person and has a three-person minimum. Reservations are required with at least 24 hours’ advance notice.

Here is what our partner say about the kayak birding tour on the Cerron Grande Reservoir

Kayak birding experience + hot spring pool

Between local and migratory birds, 365 different species can be spotted on Suchitoto´s surroundings. The delta of rivers Quezalapa and Palancapa into Lake Suchitlan is a hot spot for a wide variety of birdlife. We promise you will feel inside a nature documentary spotting from 25 different species, sometimes up to 60! In just a couple hours!
For the best enjoyment of this activity, we must have an early start. Birds are more active during sunrise, it is the best light for nature pictures, and our lake being only 300 mts. above sea level turns to be extremely hot further into the day.

This area is truly a secret sanctuary for our birds to come. Being on the land of “Hot Water” ex- rebel community, all 75 family’s safe keep the area from hunters and poachers, birds know this! Shallow waters + the mineral hot-spring + fields and forest, all together comes up to be the perfect bird environment. From our fleet of kayaks, we can get to shallow waters with no engine noise and get very close to birds. After this nature spectacle, we will relax in the community’s hot water swimming pool located in the middle of trees and nature. We will be here 20 to 30 minutes. We advise you to bring the largest zoom lenses for your cameras. The kayak seats are above water and very stable. The only thing wet, will be your behind and your feet. We will provide everybody with binoculars for the full enjoyment of this activity. Do not forget swimsuits for the