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Suchitoto short add-on tour

Indigo Dyeing workshop in Suchitoto


Support one of our local women´s groups and plan your indigo dyeing experience while visiting beautiful Suchitoto. There are several options for learning about Indigo and dyeing in Suchitoto, but here at Gringo Tours we promote this local effort that is working with our local women in economic development and not the many other private options.

With a basic knowledge of Spanish this tour can be arranged directly with our friends at the local women Cooperative. The demonstration is hands on so you will be able to make your own design and dye any of several articles of clothing. Pricing with our friends starts at just $5 this to dye a small square sample, for $25 you can dye a 100% natural cotton scarf, for $30 you can upgrade to a larger (wider) Chalina or shawl. If you will be in town for a couple of days you can when signing up decide to dye a T-Shirt, Blouse or Shirt but the women need a couple of days to either buy if a T-shirt or make if a blouse o Shirt this to assure the right size and fit, pricing for these options runs from $25-$35 depending on the clothing article. As a last option you can bring your own garment but it must be 100% natural fibers with cotton and silk being the best. The women will weigh the garment and assess the cost of the indigo from that. Prices are generally under $25.

If you are on a tight schedule just drop us an email and we can set things up in advance so that you can just show up on day you want to take the class, again Gringo Tours is the only tour company that offers these services free of charge to travelers and with no commissions to the local initiatives that need your support.

Now if you do not speak Spanish we offer one of our local bilingual guides for an addition cost of $25-$50 depending on group size. Our guides will also tell you about how the indigo dye is extracted and about indigo´s importance in El Salvador economy from the 1700s through the late 1800s.

Like our pupusa classes, the Indigo dying class makes a great add on for our Suchitoto city walking tour.