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Cinquera Group Tours

Gringo Tours is proud to present some new options for tours in the Suchitoto area.

 As pioneers in tourism in El Salvador Gringo Tours has always recommended local partners who like us provide high quality services, especially when they are tours we don’t offer or when our guides are fully booked.

Over the years, some of our local partners have developed very specialized and unique tours or have decided to work more with groups of travelers enabling them to offer specialized tours at lower costs to individual travelers.

Since 2019 we now work together helping them to promote their services though our company´s website and allowing travelers like you to reserve through Gringo Tours these tours.

Working in alliance with our local partners, Gringo Tours can make your arrangements for several other tour options while in Suchitoto as well as other parts of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and independently of whether you book directly or with us, the prices always remains the same.

Cinquera Civil War Group tour is an option that we offer at as a private tour with a base rate of $150, this for 1 to 3 participants. For independent travelers this is many time more than they want to spend, the group options which cost only $45/person are a great option in these cases.

One of our local partners opens up spaces when he has other groups, these dates are seldom announced with much anticipation so we ask that you just send an email with the date you are interested in. If he has a group, the cost is $45/person and the tour departs at 8:30 am and returns to Suchitoto around 3:00 pm.

Another local partner has reduced his minimum group size to only two and charges $90 for 1 or 2 people then $45/person for groups of 3 or more. This partner departs at 7:00 am and returns around 12:00 pm to Suchitoto.


All options include meeting an ex FMLN participant (when available), hearing his story, then a hike in the Cinquera Eco Forest up to the lookout. Time for a dip at the waterfall/pool and a short tour of the city of Cinquera and its murals. The group option includes time for you to purchase a simple lunch at the local eatery.

Both local partners Rene and Daniel speak fluent English 

The cost of this tour is $45/person.