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Since late in 2021 our president removed all Covid-19 restriction to enter and travel in El Salvador. That said we do ask that all clients have their vaccinations and that they respect the locals here who generally wear masks, keep their distance and take your temperature when entering businesses. We are a little flexible and do work with those who are not vaccinated for Covid-19 but do require knowing in advance so that our drivers, guides and partners can take extra precautions to assure their safety. We also ask that those not vaccinated keep their reasons for not receiving vaccinations to themselves. We generally ask that all travelers whether vaccinated or not vaccinated wear masks at all times while in vehicles as well as inside buildings or in close distance with others. Again we and many of our partners are a bit flexible and others can be pretty strict. If concerned just ask about our current requirements.

How to Contact us for Information about our Tours and Transfers

Sorry to be what might today be considered Old School, but now over 60 and have no current plans to hire a secretary, so that said, I always prefer email for providing travel information.

So, whether you are interested in our free service for trip and itinerary planning or wanting to reserve a tour or transfer you can use the contact form below or if you find easier email me directly to [email protected]

I will generally get back to you within 24 hours and many times sooner.  

If you need to contact us sooner feel free to call us via WhatsApp at + (503) 7860-9435 (English or Spanish).  To coordinate we do ask you consider sending a text message first to set up a time when we can talk in person as many times we are unable to answer calls when out with other clients. 

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