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Options for different San Salvador City Tours

The capital San Salvador has loads to offer, if you only have short time then you will have to help us decide what you really want to see in the city. Remember we have been doing this for over 10 years so we do have an idea of what the majority of our clients have chosen. So based on our past experience we offer two basic tours but from these elements can be combined and this again will depend on each client’s specific interests.

Historic downtown-Artisan Market-El Boquerón Volcano Park.

This full day tour in San Salvador starts at your hotel at 8:30 am where we will pick you up. The we head to the city center with a with included visits to the National Palace (available everyday but Monday), the main Cathedral and Rosario Church, if interested in seeing how Salvadorans shop a quick walk through a block or two of the Central Market can be included. Once back in the vehicle we will head across town for a visit the International Handicraft Market, this is a wonderful stop for those not visiting the towns where the different Salvadoran handicrafts are produced and virtually any local souvenir or handicraft can be purchased. The tour continues with the drive up the San Salvador volcano stopping for lunch before continuing on to the El Boquerón Park for a short hike up to the rim of this impressive crater. The tour will end at your hotel from 5:00-7:00 pm depending on where you are based.

Monsignor Romero Museum-Divina Providencia-Cuscatlán Park-Historic Downtown.

Starting with pick up at your hotel at 8:30 am we would drive to the Jesuit University with a programed tour of the Monsignor Romero Museum/Center guided by a university students (when possible), we would hear history about the Salvadoran civil war, its causes and about the many the religious and lay people martyred, the well-known ones include the Arch Bishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, six Jesuits priests and the four American Maryknoll nuns and are emphasized. After a break for lunch (price not included) we stop for a visit to the Divine Providence Hospital, Church and Romero’s residence. Hearing from one of the Carmelita’s nuns about Romero’s life and death as this was the place where he was shot and killed on March 24th 1980 date which many historians consider the start of the 12 year civil war in El Salvador. After a short drive to the Cuscatlán Park, you will visit the war memorial which is a very graphic indication of the loss of life the conflict caused to the Salvadoran population. The tour finished up with a short visit to Monsignor Romero’s tomb located in the basement of the main cathedral.

Option 3

As mentioned in the introduction elements from each of these tours can be combined as well as other highlights in and around the city. Some of these include the Puerto del Diablo, Anthropological Museum (MUNA), Modern Art Museum (MARTES), the Palabra y Imagen Museum (MUPI), Mititary War Museum, Botanic Gardens, Bicentennial Park, Eco Park El Espino, Malls, etc

Included in this tour: