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Multi Day Trips and Tours in El Salvador

Whether you are planning a long weekend or extended stay in El Salvador or Central America, we know how to plan and design itineraries for pretty much any ones special interests.

We don’t specialize in adventure travel but when required we do have partners who do, making it possible for Gringo Tours to design your time in El Salvador to include what we do best, cultural, historical, wild life, rural and eco-tourism with of course the needed R&R in safe and enjoyable places like Suchitoto, the Ruta de Flores or the La Libertad Beaches.

Let us help to make your time in El Salvador the best possible! Check out some common ideas for different length stays. And keep in mind that if we don’t offer what you are looking for, we know the best person or guide that does!

Two or Three Night Trips

If you only 2-3 nights in El Salvador you will want to see the best in your short time. Try to fly in on an early am flight so as to use your first day for some sight-seeing in route to your first destination. Although many travelers plan to spend their first day/night in San Salvador I always recommend reconsidering and heading straight to one of the many smaller cities that said with an early flight it is possible to see some of the main attractions in the city. San Salvador has a couple of options depending on each traveler’s preference, so check out our info and tours for the city to see how you might best want to spend your half day there. One day/night 1 we recommend you lodge in Suchitoto and in case you have no interest in seeing San Salvador we recommend our 2.5 hour walking tour so you will feel comfortable in any free time in Suchi( as it is called by locals). For day 2 depending on activities on day 1 a full day trip exploring the western part of the country either returning to Suchitoto or lodging in Santa Ana, Ataco or Juayua. Most see at least one Mayan site (Joya de Ceren), then either a stop at Lake Coatepeque or up to Cerro Verde for a short hike before visiting one or two of the cities on the Flower Route. Day 3 can include more morning activities on the Flower Route ending on the west coast beaches for your last night before flying out. We are sure this trip will make you want to come back and on a second visit the center and eastern parts of the country can be explored.

Three to Five Night Trips

If you have a little more time say 3-5 nights you can cover more of El Salvador with some time to relax. We recommend the same itinerary as above but adding one free day in Suchitoto and another in the western part of the country. This allows free time to enjoy these areas on your own or add activities like civil war history tours around Suchitoto and a volcano, waterfall or coffee tour in the western mountains of El Salvador.

Seven to Ten Days in El Salvador

For those with even more time and a desire to really see and feel a new country we recommend a minimum of 7 nights or even up to 10 nights. Once again we can build on the first itinerary but then add 2 more nights to your lodging in Suchitoto to add on day trips to Ilobasco and San Sebastian and another trip to Cihuatan and La Palma. Then perhaps a 1-2 night trip down to El Cuco beach or Perquin to get some more civil war history, explore the mangroves or just relax and enjoy the sun and waves. This combined with 2-3 nights in the western part of El Salvador allows travelers to see the entire country but also allows time to relax and enjoy the slow lifestyle in the smaller cities.

Once you have an idea of how much time you want to spend in El Salvador and have an idea of the main sites/places are of interest to you and your travel partners, let us know and we can help customize your trip, either by providing suggestions for how to get around and whet to do each day or by providing services so you can just enjoy.