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Tour of Panchimalco - Art and Culture

Located just some 15 kilometers from San Salvador and just 30 minutes by car the colorful town of Panchimalco makes a great ½ day tour or can be added on to any our San Salvador city tours. It would also make an appropriate in route tours coming from or heading to the airport.

We find the most interesting and consider the main attractions Pipil language and culture taught by our good friend Chak found in a small house in the newer city park which also has numerous public sculptures carved in rock. Chak will tell us about the native language, enlighten most about some common misconceptions about the people who inhabited El Salvador before the Spaniards arrived in the 1500s.

After hearing from our friend and visiting the park, local market and a small shop, we will visit the oldest church in the country built in the early 1700s with the classic bleached whitewashed facade of the Colonial style churches in the region.

We finish our visit to Panchimalco with a visit to the famous house-studio and art gallery of Miguel Angel Ramirez (Casa Taller Encuentros). If we are lucky we will meet Miguel Angel and hear about the projects he does with children in Panchimalco and other parts of the country.

Time and interest permitting a visit to the Puerto del Diable (Devils Gate) for a or to try any number of local foods made from corn can be included.

As we mentioned above this option can be included with some of our San Salvador city tours or as part of any other tour or transfer coming close to the city, and like many of our tours, if you want to do this on your own and speak a little Spanish we are happy to provide more precise details via email, chat or by phone.