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Suchitoto, Art, Artists and Galleries

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It was not until 2021 that I realized that there are travelers who travel for Art. Perhaps better said looking for art for their homes and offices from countries where they travel. It has not been that rare that travelers over the years have purchased pieces while out on tours with us, one painting here and there over the years by several different travelers. This always made me happy knowing that in a way our tours especially those where we enter art galleries and know personally the artist help them every once in a while with some needed income as well as getting their art out to different parts of the world.

The idea for and art lovers tour in Suchitoto

In late 2021 I had a couple that had really not expressed any interest in local art, this as we were planning several days of tours around El Salvador. I was very surprised on one of our first tours here in little Suchitoto when we entered the small gallery of Lucia Cañas. After just a few minutes I realized that they really liked a couple of paintings. The next thing I knew they had purchased 2 larger pieces and had agreed with the artist to return the following day to pick them up. When I asked they said that they figured that the art scene was probably active and that they were sure they would find something. A couple of days later they purchased another couple of paintings from two different galleries in Concepcion de Ataco. When I asked why they had not mentioned their interest in art prior to arriving and that I could have arranged for them to see more galleries and meet some more artists, they just said once again that they had figured they would find some pieces for their home. All in all, I would estimate they spent over $2000, all cash and all on the spot. It was after this couple that I started the idea of developing some special art tours.

Whats involved and planning ahead

Like many of the tours we offer, our art tours do need time to be arranged as part of our idea is that travelers not only see and visit different galleries but also be able to meet the artists. Fortunately, after almost three decades living in El Salvador I have met and made friends with several acclaimed artists so I am starting from there. Now those that know me as well as travelers that have done tours with us know that I am also very resourceful, so that said I do plan to extend my base of artists to include those in other parts of the country. But let’s start close to home and when I know all of the local artists, here in little Suchitoto.

A little background about Suchitoto

Suchitoto referred to in El Salvador as the Birth Place of Art and Culture of the country and one of the reasons it was declared a city back in 1858 is a Mecca for artists today, although in my opinion if we go back in time Sonsonate, Ahuachapán and Santa Ana might be described as the birth place of Art and Culture if we go back to the mid-1800s and early 1900s during the coffee era. But today Suchitoto is filled with art, gallery/studios as well as a few artists.

Some of Suchitoto´s artists

Miguel Martino

Lucia Cañas